An animated short film about a middle-aged man, suffering from depression, who finds himself caught in the rain on his way to work. When a cheerful stranger offers him a spot under her umbrella, he is introduced to a different perception of reality.

Paula, Tim and Billy, with a shared love for numbers, fun and games turn into Numberville's fast-response rescue team - 123 Number Squad! - whenever someone needs emergency help! 123 Number Squad is a 52 x 11' CG animated preschool series currently in production.

Brand new 52 x 11' season of fun animation for children that encourages knowledge and appreciation for wildlife and nature. Junior Rangers Leo and Katie and their loyal puppy Hero embark on adventures to learn more about the fascinating animals of the world.

60 x 11' animated series for preschool children to learn about numbers and numeracy in fun and entertaining ways! Join Paula and friends on adventures to solve problems, have fun and meet fascinating characters along the way!

26 x 11' animated series about a goofy ghost, Amy, who comes back from the dead after a bizarre accident to help her boyfriend Josh navigate the bewildering world of high school and the afterlife.

26 x 11' extreme slapstick action animated series with an anime twist.

The rambunctious Dragon Lizzardo chaotically defends the futuristic wonderland New Zap City from the maniacal witch Helga, but Dragon's joy-filled battle tactics may be just as dangerous.


Omens Studios is an award-winning animation studio built for the digital age. We create fun characters and engaging stories that resonate with kids of all ages. We believe in working together to create a fun work environment and culture for storytellers, artists and technologists to create world-class content and brands for our fans across the globe.

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We are a diverse and eclectic team of professionals with a focus on teamwork. We have animators, directors, producers, writers, technologists, gamers, coders and the always-on business team. We like open communication and we have a ‘can-do’ attitude. We’re always open to great ideas from everyone and we work hard to maintain a fun and fair working environment.

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